Strawberries  We have started our campaign for the new crop of Greek kiwi. The quality is excellent with brix between 7.0 to 8.0, which is normal for the 2nd week of harvesting. The Greek crop this is lower by about 15% compared to last year, which is reflected by the increased price level. The main size of the fruits is average (cal. 27-30-33). 

Grapes The crop for the Greek Navels and Clementines has slowly started during week 44. The sizes are average at the moment for both fruits. The unusually warm weather (25oC) of the last 2 weeks has not helped to change the color of the fruits, so we are facing limited quanities at the beginning.

Romaine Like every year, the majority of the Greek red apples sizes 60-75mm has been sold to Egypt and to other countries of the middle East. Considering the smaller crop, we expect strong sales sales of the bigger sizes of red apples and granny smith.