Greek & Fresh and its producing partner Labidino are currently the largest exporters of strawberries by air from Greece. 

Season lasts from November to June, with the peak season From mid-March to mid-June.

The company is basically focused on air shipments to non-European overseas markets.

The strawberries marketed by Greek & Fresh correspond mostly to the Fortuna variety, which is characterized by its early production, very fine shape, shiny and with white color around the stem which is something most markets like. 

Excellent quality and service is what we offer and dedication to do the difference.

In the current year, we are going to focus more on new markets.

Our partner grower Labidino is continually investing in technology for pre-cooling, sorting and different types of packaging, as well as experimenting with new varieties in order to adapt to the various market needs.


Why us?

  1. All of our members are very experiencedAll of our members are very experienced
    with supermarkets & wholesalers.

  2. We have the volume and the capacity We have the volume and the capacity
     to supply your needs.

  3. You will have an advantageYou will have an advantage against your competitors if you start importing more Greek products due to the better cost price, without compromising quality.

  4. already seen the impactWe have already seen the impact of our job as some retailers have noticed an increase in their market share of fruit & vegetables after the introduction of selected Greek products.